goat's corner

Hello!! I'm Leo/Goat !! I go by they/he pronouns!
I make character designs & draw!
icon by vultureVantas @ twitter!

adopt TOS


  • No reselling for higher than purchased unless you have commissioned/made art of them!

  • When trading my designs, vouchers are allowed (for the amount purchased + commissioned work)

  • You may change the species completely

  • You may alter the design itself as long as it's recognizable

  • You may give them alt. forms ( human, feral, etc. ) as well as clothing and other accessories

  • You may use your adopted design for an MYO design for any species as long as their rules allow it and you own an myo slot!

  • Gender is up to the adopter!

  • You may re-upload to your toyhou.se as long as they have some sort of watermark on them. You may upload to your dA or other websites with permission first!

  • (My toyhou.se is goatlet for credits! you must credit when uploading my adopts or art!!)

  • Please do not purchase my designs if you plan to use them for any NSFW/fetish things that aren't vanilla or mostly vanilla! (ex. scat, vomit, death, inflation, diaper, etc.) it makes me very uncomfortable due to past trauma and I do not want my designs associated with such. You may ask beforehand if something else is okay! *1 warning other than that then you will be blocked and unable to purchase my designs in the future.

  • You cannot use my designs for any underage NSFW content, Nor for beastiality/feral p*rn etc. You will be blocked instantly.

  • Payments should be made within the first 48 hours of claim! Talk to me about a hold if need be.

  • ASK about holds!

  • I will not accept refunds unless it's taken over a month to get your separate or I offer one. Commissions vary. Feel free to nudge me since I sometimes miss someone or am really busy due to work/life!

do not interact if

  • you are homophobic, transphobic, racist, love cops,etc.

  • you consume or make ANY KIND of nsfw of minors or animals (or even defend them) (if you are a pro-shipper it's an insta block)

  • you enjoy or consume stuff like incest, ab-se, r-pe, intense kinks

  • you are overly sexual, very outwardly kinky (makes me uncomfortable)

  • if you do not tag/censor sexual assault/r-pe, CP, animal abuse, etc. on call-outs or any other post

  • if you are only negative and frequently post about su!cide/constantly need talked out of it

before you follow

  • I am non-binary!! I use they/them (occasionally he/him) pronouns!! do not use any other pronouns unless specified!!

  • only call me by my names listed unless you are a close friend/old friend

  • I mostly post adopts/deigns rather than art, but I am trying to draw more!

  • I only post SFW images but I may occasionally post light or candy/fruit gore WITH warnings/tags!!

  • My likes may contain light horror/gore

  • I do RT stuff to help people and informational posts for BLM, BIPOC, lgbtqi+ and gofundme's but I'll never post/RT with anything graphic images!!

  • ACAB



  • Apex Legends

  • Dead by Daylight

  • Genshin Impact

  • Devil May Cry

  • Pokemon

  • Animal Crossing

  • Project DIVA

Shows & Movies

  • Jurassic Park

  • Spiderman

  • Disney & DreamWorks

  • Scooby-Doo

  • Murder/Mystery


  • Mother Mother

  • Glass Animals

  • Cage the Elephant

  • Mystery Skulls

  • AJR

  • Porter Robinson

  • K-Pop; BTS, NCT, Pentagon, & more!

  • Yung Bae

  • Vocaloid/etc.!


  • Demon Slayer

  • Jujuistu Kaisen

  • Blue Exorcist

  • Yu Yu Hakusho

  • BNHA

  • Zoids